Weight Loss Challenge

Long Island Fat Burning Fitness Program

At Best Weight Loss Challenge we put aside equipment and machines. Best Fitness Weight Loss Challenge is all about the essentials, starting with the moves. We combine body weight exercises and circuit training with Long Island Fitness Kickboxing that goes from one move to the next with little to no rest in between. These workouts turn your body into an uber-efficient resistance machine. We target every muscle group in your body, which is much more effective and functional than equipment based exercises that only focus on one muscle at a time.

“They’re more intense than any fitness class and more fun than any traditional gym workout.”- Franco Cabrera (Head Coach Director Best Fitness Bootcamp)

Following the time.
Our bootcamp has a set time for each exercise, think 30-60 seconds per exercise. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) keeps you from pushing too hard, too fast, and at the same time prevents you from slacking off during a workout. For instance, if I told you to do squats for 60 seconds, you would work harder because you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Buddy System
Working out with a buddy is one key to successfully hitting your fitness goals. The same concept applies when working out in a group of same-minded individuals. A buddy or group system holds you accountable to show up and gives you the support you need to push through the intense workout. Getting a small group of friends who have similar fitness goals helps you become more motivated as well as bringing your competitive side out of you!