Theresa would not stand up for herself, at Best Kids Karate she has learned to defend herself and speak up and let an adult know what’s going on.

Nicole mom Theresa 5 yrs old

since joining Best Kids Karate I feel better mentally and physically, I feel a lot better in general, my diet has improved and my life feels a whole lot better since joining this wonderful program.

Valen 12 yrs old

Since I joining Best Fitness kickboxing I have lost 25 lbs with the help of a healthy diet. I want to continue a slow steady weight loss along with improvement to my strength and muscle tone which is well on its way. A weight loss goal of 40 lbs is now becoming a reality thank you best fitness kickboxing staff!

Cindy 55yrs

I increased my flexibility strength, stamina, and balance at best fitness kickboxing I’m also tightening up my stomach muscles.

Bill. 58 Wantagh

physically I have some limitations due to areas of arthritis the staff has instructed me how to modify my workout to become stronger, build muscle, and become more fit without causing further joint pain or damage.

The staff is highly trained and keeps classes interesting and engaging. Classes are filled with friendly people.

Lisa 55 Merrick

I love the interaction the coaches do throughout the workout. Tips on eating healthy and exercise helped me go from 262 to 223 I enjoy coming back to each class they have made it fun to workout!

Carmelo 52 yrs Wantagh