Are Kickboxing and Boxing Gloves the Same

Are Kickboxing and Boxing Gloves the Same?

So, you need to change your battling style and move from boxing to kickboxing. Remember that preparation with Muay Thai ropes may assist you with acquiring muscle and speed, and you’ll require that.

However, when you just own, for instance, a couple of boxing gloves by Winning and a few preparing sacks you clearly inquire as to whether it is OK to keep on utilizing them or maybe you need to obtain an alternate pair of gloves.

Battling gloves, as a rule, are planned with shifting shapes as they have numerous reasons. Albeit many battling styles have advanced throughout the long term, individuals utilize two fundamental styles of gloves that are adequately diverse to be characterized independently. These are the Western Boxing and Muay Thai.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves can be handily recognized as they, by and large, keep their general style paying little heed to the weight class. A few gloves are produced with the goal that they seem more adjusted, others look more like a square, some are a compliment, and so on This, for the most part, relies upon the brand that is delivering them, and ordinarily, it is utilized as a brand name.

Proficient fighters who utilized many sets will perceive the maker just by checking out the general shape. The thumb might be straight similar to is the situation with Winning gloves, or it very well may be bent as we find in Reyes boxing gloves.

Moving beyond this large number of little contrasts, the overall thought of an average boxing glove is that it has a grasp bar, cushioning over the knuckle region for sway retention, and a conclusion framework that depends on bands, Velcro lashes, or in some cases both.

Muay Thai gloves

A large portion of the Muay Thai boxing gloves is made from one single piece of strong froth that ranges from the wrist to the fingertips, including the thumb. Then again, Western Boxing hand security can be planted from different parts.

Something significant to consider is that Thai gloves are frequently more modest and smaller contrasted with their boxing partners. Most of the froth defensive cushioning is, for this situation, focused on the rear of the hand for the contender to obstruct approaching strikes more readily.


Western Boxing and Muay Thai gloves are comparative however a long way from indistinguishable. In the event that you are changing from boxing to kickboxing, our proposal is to switch the gloves also. Assuming you are setting aside a few cash for a few expert pairs of Muay Thai gloves, or you simply don’t have a couple at that point, it’s actually fine to utilize boxing gloves while preparing.

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