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Best Fitness Kickboxing classes are convenient, fun and refreshing.  Our friendly staff and knowledgeable instructors help you get ready for the fitness experience you deserve. Our program is designed to help you reach your maximum potential while experiencing friendly, fun and motivating exercise routines, exciting classes and convenient schedules at multiple locations. To help you stay motivated we have added Boot Camp fitness classes to our schedule in order to help increase motivation and enhance your fitness exercises.

Best Kickboxing is a fitness program geared to get you in shape, keep you in shape and motivate you to stay in shape.  Our staff at Best Fitness Kickboxing is delighted that you are interested in Fitness Kickboxing as a way of getting or staying in shape.  The goal is to help you choose a fitness regimen that best meets your goals, lifestyle and current fitness abilities.

The skill set taught at Best Kickboxing is dramatically enhanced by our defining the punching, kicking and blocking aspects of the true art of Kickboxing. Combining the full nature of striking and blocking with cardiovascular fusion far surpasses the traditional “Cardio Kickboxing” programs available in health clubs, gyms and martial arts studios today.

We invite you to come down and try a free class with us. Fill out the Free Class Intro form, give us a call @ 516.804.3232 or browse our website for more information. 

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